Tips For An Organized Entryway

I recently worked with a client who wanted to improve the flow of traffic at her front door and find a storage solution for things that collected on her existing entry table. We worked with an existing mirror she owned and some inexpensive shoe cabinets from Ikea to create a bright, clean and welcoming entryway. Below you can see my initial rendering, the before photo, and what her space looks like today. Not pictured is a cabinet on the opposite side that has baskets to hold keys, kid’s projects, mail and other things that we all collect throughout the week. This project inspired some tips I’d love to share for an organized entryway. Read on below!



Gorgeous tree trunk console. Great for the minimalist, not so great for the storage deprived. 

Be Practical

While a super sleek entry table with zero storage might look amazing on Pinterest, you have to be honest with yourself about the types of items that clutter your space. If shoes and mail seem to accumulate throughout the week, an entry console without drawers or cabinets is not going to solve the problem. Really think about the problem you’re facing and what the most practical solution is – not what will necessarily be the prettiest.

A long, narrow console fills up the space nicely without obstructing foot traffic. Drawers create ample space to hide mail and keys. 

Keep It Narrow

In order to maximize the flow of traffic, keep your furniture in this space narrow. In my client’s house, her existing furniture was narrow (~12″) but not narrow enough to really be out of the way. Pay attention to where foot traffic flows in your space and be mindful not to obstruct your walkways with protruding furniture.


Add A Mirror

While art and family photos are a wonderful addition to your walls, a mirror at your entryway is both sleek and practical. Being able to glance at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house is invaluable. Mirrors also increase the light in your house by reflecting natural light from your windows.

Clean and clutter free.

Simplicity Is Key

While it’s tempting to showcase 10 million baby photos or your collection of coffee table books, it creates a recipe for organizational disaster. There should always be room to set down your coffee mug while you tie your shoes or set your bag momentarily. It’s hard enough to keep your home tidy during the week, so make it easier on yourself by keeping your surfaces free.


Everything In It’s Place

If your kids tend to put their shoes on at the door, storage ottomans are a great asset to hide shoes and provide a place to sit. Wide drawers are great for mail, and decorative boxes and bowls are great catchalls for your car keys. If everything that usually accumulates on your table has a home, chances are it will always look clean and tidy.


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